Do not show product title in payment gateway

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Hopefully shopbase will develop a feature: hide the product title from the payment gateway. Only show sku or product type, that will reduce dead payment gateways for sellers
Hi vọng shopbase sẽ phát triển tính năng giấu nhãn sản phẩm từ cổng thanh toán, chỉ hiện sku hoặc loại sản phẩm, việc này sẽ giảm cổng thanh toán chết cho người bán.


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Jolie Tran

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Hoai Nguyen Minh

Hi @BuiQuynhAnh,

ShopBase does not send any information related to your stores to payment gateways to help protect your account from being restricted. Please refer to our help documents for more information about this.
- Paypal: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-paypal-to-your-store-1wpu50y/
- Stripe: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-stripe-to-your-store-1qw4fna/
- Braintree: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-braintree-to-your-store-1kdndvh/
- Paypal Pro: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-paypal-pro-to-your-store-h7kzfb/
- Checkout.com: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-checkoutcom-to-your-store-obgh82/
- Cardpay: help.shopbase.com/en/article/connect-cardpay-to-your-store-1wgukxv/

Thank you again for your feedback. In the future if you have more ideas that can help us improve, please don't hesitate to let us know.