Location-based sale tax calculation

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Daisy Tran

I noted this feedback on behalf of Helga Hoffman.

I really love ShopBase!
The reason why I didn't continue with it is pragmatic.
It is missing some key features that are necessary for me to run an online business. I am located in the USA and my state requires sales tax collection. I have contacted customer support and unfortunately, ShopBase does not over to ability to collect sales tax in one specific US state, nor does it offer the ability to sort customer purchases by US state to manually calculate sales tax.
If either of these options would be available, I would gladly return to ShopBase.
Helga Hoffman


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Status changed to: Live


Tina Phan

Status changed to: In progress


Phan Tina

Allow merchants to add and collect Sales tax for EU locations and other locations around that world as well.


Helga Hoffman Earl Hoffman

My state in the USA requires me to collect sales on purchases. I need the ability to collect sales tax in a specific US state or the ability to sort customer orders by US state to calculate sales tax manually. Otherwise, I won't be able to use ShopBase at all.


Tina Phan

Merged with: Add ability to collect sales tax in specific US states.