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Mary Fady

I think that most customers leave shopping cart because shipping price not suitable for price of product, for example, unisex t shirt, I sell it for $17. Is it possible that the shipping price is 11 dollars, and if outside America it will be $14? I think this is not suitable for customers so I hope that there is an option to reduce the shipping price, then it will be deducted from our profits.


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Donna Tran

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Donna Tran

Hi Mary Fady,

Thank you so much for reaching out; that is a great suggestion and I appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. We have had other customers asking about this feature as well. While we’re actively looking into the possibility of developing it; it isn’t on our product roadmap for the next few months.

That said, I have added you to the follow-up list, so you can be sure you’ll be the first to know if and when anything changes on the status of this feature.

Though we can’t offer exactly what you’re after, I do have a suggestion that might get you most of what you need: Set manual shipping rates for ShopBase stores help.shopbase.com/en/article/set-manual-shipping-rates-for-shopbase-stores-d9lvlk/.

Please, let me know if you have other questions, concerns, or feedback.

Have a great day,
ShopBase Team